Your personality, service skills and genuine hospitality directly influence whether a Guests will dine with us again and whether they feel they have received a positive memorable experience. While flawlessly executing our service standards, you personalize every unique Guest experience with Vibe and excitement when you interact with our Guests. The profitability of our restaurant relies on you maximizing the revenue available for each Guest in your section. You bring our Marketing promises to life by promoting our great food, delivering exactly what the Guest ordered with responsive service and you do so with pride and owner-ship to ensure ensure every Guest leaves Happy.


Creating a Warm Welcome

  • Welcome and greet each Guest, making them feel comfortable and confident that you will personally take care of their needs.
  • Create a positive first impression; show your appreciation that they chose Swiss Chalet today.
  • Deliver what Guests’ need, when they need it in a more memorable way than our competitors.
  • Interact with Guests in a friendly, professional and caring manner; treat everyone with respect and courtesy and respond to their unique needs.
  • Be personable, show your personality and vibe; make yourself approachable and engage Guests in conversation when the opportunity arises.


The Dining Experience

  • Read your Guests and create the experience based on their needs.
  • Have fun with your Guests and enjoy their company. Get to know them by engaging in conversation and asking questions about their purpose for dining with you.
  • Build a relationship with your Guests to enhance the experience.
  • Knowledge of all food and beverage menu items and current promotions is paramount; make recommendations that you genuinely feel your Guests will enjoy.
  • Answer questions about our food, beverages and other restaurant functions and services.
  • Increase average checks by suggesting Limited Time Offer (LTO) menu items, bundles, and add-ons.
  • Take food and beverage orders from the Guests following our steps of service and timing standards.
  • Utilize seat-specific ordering when entering orders and serving Guests to avoid food and beverage auctions.
  • Support the speed of service by accurately entering Guest orders into the Micros/POS Terminal, checking to ensure that each course is properly entered and add-ons and modifiers are also correct.
  • Anticipate the Guest needs and bring pre-sets to the table before their meals are served.
  • Support the speed of service by making drinks for all Guests in the restaurant in a timely manner, while following all beverage recipes (when applicable).
  • Deliver beverages and menu items following our service timing standards and ensure that every Guest receives exactly what they ordered.
  • Monitor food quality and presentation standards to ensure that every Guest receives the perfect plate.
  • Monitor and observe the Guest dining experience. Ensure Guests are satisfied with their food and service. Respond promptly and courteously to any requests.
  • Use our Make it Right service philosophy to ensure Guest issues are propyl handled.
  • Recover immediately and professionally when things go wrong.
  • Share all Guest concerns with your Manager so that they can support you if you need assistance and they can ensure that the Guests needs have been met to their satisfaction.
  • Monitor the Guest experience and pace your speed of service based on their individual needs.
  • Prepare the final bill and present the Guest check, accept payment, process debit/credit cards charges or make change if
  • Encourage Guests to complete the Guest Survey information found on the back of their bill to help us celebrate the things we
    do well and work on the areas we can improve.
  • Manage the Guest flow and maximize seating capacity by turning tables over quickly and efficiently.
  • Complete your online learning path prior to your first training shift.
  • Acknowledge all of our Guests within a three-foot radius with a warm and friendly smile and attend to their needs as required.
  • Answer the telephone politely within three rings following all Service Standards.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and stock of our menus, high chairs, kids play materials, etc.
  • Inspect all tables for proper presentation, cleanliness and completeness.
  • Assist other Stage Associates by bussing, cleaning and resetting tables when necessary.
  • Monitor the cleanliness of your section and ensure that all Guest-facing areas and materials are clean and free from debris.
  • Leave Guests with a positive lasting impression by sincerely thanking everyone who is leaving within a three-foot radius and
    inviting them to return.


  • Ensure you are certified to serve alcohol in your province.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the causes of food contamination and the methods of prevention and follow all food safety
    standards and systems.
  • Keep floor areas clean, dry and free of obstruction; use wet floor signs when necessary.
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by SDS information.
  • Help keep the Stage a safe working environment for everyone on your team. Always perform your tasks safely and to
    standards, and work with your team to recognize and correct unsafe practices.
  • Complete opening and closing duties efficiently and safely, using the correct procedures.
  • Complete all daily, weekly and monthly side work as assigned.
  • Be a team player and go above and beyond to support other Associates when you see that they need help.
  • Have lots of fun with your team and be sure to ask for help when you need it.

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