You are in the busiest part of the kitchen where every member of the team depends on you to keep the orders flowing and the service fast. You provide the right food, for the right plate, for all our Guests, Dine-In or Off Premise. And your cooking, speed of service and plating skills ensure that the complements to our core items are always of the highest quality.


  • Complete level one and two of your online learning path prior to your first training shift.
  • You are responsible for many dishes that complement our core items. Ensure the quality of food is outstanding each and every time and that product is prepared quickly and efficiently with pride and attention to detail.
  • Follow all Swiss Chalet recipes, policies, standards and procedures.
  • Read and follow the chits when preparing all products to avoid producing too little or too much.
  • Make sure that the Mid Line area is always “Guest Ready” before each revenue period.
  • Communicate with the Line to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently, while maintaining product quality, flow and speed of service for dining room and Off Premise meals.
  • Check product levels to ensure we never run out of product.
  • You must plate the food as described in the recipe to make sure that the dish is presented exactly as pictured in the menu for both Dine-In and Off Premise orders.
  • Support the flow of all food orders with great speed of service, while following FIFO (“First-In First-Out”) based on the Guest chit time.
  • Recover service errors quickly by prioritizing re-cook chits and ensuring a perfect quality re-cook.
  • Check line fridge temperatures to ensure food quality and Guest safety.
  • Conduct and record holding temperatures to ensure food safety standards are never compromised.
  • Hold foods no longer than the maximum time and shelf life for each product. We depend on you to make sure that our Guests always receive fresh, consistent product.
  • Complete the Wastage Sheet.
  • Keep your work area, utensils and production equipment clean and sanitized at all times.
  • Maintain organization of all food storage areas and adhere to cleaning schedules as assigned.


Supporting a Safe Working Environment

  • Maintain good personal hygiene and follow hand washing standards.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the causes of food contamination and the methods of prevention and follow all food safety standards and systems (including HACCP and WHMIS).
  • Always perform your tasks safely and to standards, and work with your team to recognize and correct unsafe practices.
  • Help keep the Heart of House (HOH) a safe working environment for everyone on your team. Always perform your tasks safely and to standards, and work with your team to recognize and correct unsafe practices.
  • Keep floor areas clean, dry and free of obstruction; use wet floor signs when necessary.
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by SDS information.
  • Report any potential hazards to your manager.
  • Complete opening and closing duties efficiently and safely, using the correct procedures.
  • Complete all daily, weekly and monthly side work as assigned.
  • Be a team player; support your team when you see that they need help.

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