History Of Nanda Hospitality Group

Nanda Hospitality Group was a business that was built on the premise of hard work and perseverance. From it’s inception, Nanda Hospitality Group has been determined to be an exemplar custodian within the casual dining industry. With the passion for hospitality, and under the leadership of Kumar Yogaretnam, Nanda Hospitality Group has grown from a single franchise business, to a business now hosting an array of Cara restaurants with annual revenues of $60,000,000. Today, the business owns 13 Swiss Chalets, 6 Harvey’s, 2 Montana’s, 1 Kelsey’s, 2 East Side Mario’s, 1 Fionn McCool’s, 1 D'Arcy McGee's and continues to look for opportunities to acquire restaurants, and optimize their operations by implementing the Nanda way.

Kumar Yogaretnam President & CEO

Kumar Yogaretnam was a man with a vision. His journey to the top started in Germany. In order to have a better life for himself and his family, he moved to Germany at the young age of 13. 6 years later, he made the decision to move to Canada and kick-start his career. In 1987 he joined his first Swiss Chalet as a dishwasher at Leslie and York Mills. Through hard work and dedication, Kumar was able to achieve a management position in 1992 at Kipling and Queensway. After 8 years in management positions, Kumar decided that this next step up the ladder would be franchising. In the year 2000, Kumar took over his first franchise at Don Mills and Eglinton. 5 years later, in 2005, Kumar franchised his second location in Oakville. In 2009, he had the privilege of franchising the Kipling and Queensway location that he previously managed. Nanda Hospitality Group has been under the great leadership of Kumar Yogaretnam and through a prudent set of internal controls, and effective management, Kumar has been able to make the Nanda Hospitality Group restaurants a benchmark in the industry.

Tony DeCotiis Vice President

Tony Decotiis currently serves as Vice President Of Operations at Nanda Hospitality Group who owns or franchises 27 Cara restaurants in Ontario, Canada. In his role, he is responsible for driving the development of restaurant strategies, overseeing restaurant operations and expansions. Tony’s path with Nanda Hospitality Group begun in 2010 with 20 years of hospitality experience with companies such as Sheridan College, Swiss Chalet, Montana’s, and Casey’s. Tony, who is considered the master “foodie” of Nanda Hospitality Group, is currently enjoying his favorite meal, a half chicken dinner with seasoned rice pilaf, drizzeled with the secret chalet salad dressing. Favourite dessert, Key lime pie.

Ashley Yogaretnam Operations Manager

Ashley Yogaretnam is employed as the Operations Manager at Nanda Hospitality Group With a multitude of restaurants under the Nanda Hospitality Group's umbrella, Ashley is responsible for ensuring that each iconic brand is operating at its best potential and exceeding the expectations of all the valued guests. With 10 years of hospitality experience, Ashley brings a numerous amount of leadership qualities to Nanda Hospitality Group, amounting to greater success. As the “co-foodie” of Nanda Hospitality Group, Ashley is currently enjoying her favourite meal, a quarter chicken dinner with hand cut fries. Favourite dessert, apple pie, a la mode of course!

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